Sirke Happonen

Stilling: Universitetslektor
Uddannelse: ped. mag.
Institution: Helsingfors Universitet, Läropedagogiska Institutionen
Adresse: Högbergsgatan 2B B 12, 00140 Helsingfors, Finland
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PUBLICATIONS (in Finnish or in English)
Ihmissuhteet lastenkirjassa. Teoksessa Media nykypäivän koulutuksessa. Osa II, 1997. Helsingin yliopiston opettajankoulutuslaitos. Tutkimuksia 179. ("Human relations in children's books" A research article in a publication by the Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, 179. Edited by Seppo Tella.)
"Pictures that give roots to fantasy. The relationship between illustration and text in Tove Jansson's Moomin books." Article in: Finnish books for young readers. A selection of relevant books. Publisher: Finnish Literature Information Centre, 2000.
"Liike, kuvakirja ja kuvitettu teksti" Tutkimusartikkeli teoksessa Lastenkirjan kuvitustaide - tutkijat ja tekijät. Suomen Nuorisokirjallisuuden Instituutin julkaisu, tulossa keväällä 2001. ("Movement, picture book, and illustrated text" a research article accepted for publication by the Finnish Institute for Children's Literature. To be published in spring 2001.) 
"Kertomisen ja metaforan hurma - kasvatustieteellisen tutkimuksen uudet puhunnat" AD-symposiumjulkaisu 2000, Helsingin yliopiston opettajankoulutuslaitoksen tutkimuksia 225. ("The charm of narrative and metaphor. The new discourses in educational research". Article in: Teacher and Subject 2000. Editor: Irina Buchberger. Published in the Research Reports of the University of Helsinki, Department of Teacher Education, 225)

Tidligere projekter

Titel: Bilderböcker publicerat i Finland i år 1999 och i år 2000
Institution: Finska barnboksinstitut, Tammerfors

Titel: Avhandling om Bild, text og rörelse i Tove Janssons muminböcker.
Periode: 1998 - 2004
Finansiering: Stipendium för unga forskare av Helsingfors Universitet
Institution: Helsingfors Universitet

The doctoral thesis examines how Jansson's illustrations and written texts depict interaction between the characters in the world of Moominvalley. The focus is especially on the demarcation and boundary lines between solitude and togetherness, and how they interact with each other, which is an essential theme in Moomin books. It is an interdisciplinary study and applies two theoretical viewpoints: narratology, picture book research ('iconotext analysis' Hallberg 1982).
The major close reading of the thesis is focused on two Moomin books of Jansson: the short-story collection Tales  from Moominvalley (originally Det osynliga barnet, 1962) and the picture book Who will comfort Toffle? (Vem ska trösta knyttet? 1960).
Titel delprojekt: Semiotics of the body in Finnish and Australian picture books - a collaborative, comparative research project
Kontaktperson: either Sirke Happonen or John Stephens, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

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